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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  November 10, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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temperatures. give yourself some extra time to warm up the car this morning and maybe find the gloves, because i had to find the gloves yesterday. it's chilly. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. and you may need the gloves and more later in the week. we'll get to that in a moment, but first, meteorologist bill henley has the forecast for this morning. a chilly start, bill. >> temperatures have dropped below freezing for much of the area. it is cold and getting colder right now with clear skies and little to no wind. 38 degrees here at nbc 10, 30s in the city as well, and still falling. philadelphia international's 39 degrees. it's 35 in wilmington, northeast philadelphia, and look at pottstown and wrightstown, at or below freezing this morning. northeast philadelphia at the airport and roxborough both at 35 degrees, while south philadelphia, it's the warm spot for the entire region this morning. right along the delaware river trail, 41 degrees at fifth and wharton, it's 42 degrees this morning. so, stand by for sunny day. and the numbers will be climbing.
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46 degrees at 9:00. by lunchtime, we'll be in the middle 50s. back in less than ten minutes about your hour-by-hour future weather. but right now, let's check in with first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. good morning, katy. >> good morning, bill. we like that forecast, especially because things started out so cold this morning, and you know that if you've already been out the door and in your cars. but this is what you have to look forward to if your commute is just a few minutes away. really a clear ride throughout our area. no accidents on any of the major roadways. this is 422 at trooper road. no issues to report there. and also, as my clinger's not working. 95 at cottman avenue. the brake lights is southbound. so, even through this active construction zone, no issues tying up things on 95, girard, cottman looking good. up in lehigh valley, a look at 22 at airport road, looking clear up in the lehigh valley. also, in new jersey, some road work to tell you about in gloucester township. jarvis road, this portion of jarvis road between prospect avenue and williamstown erial
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road closed until january. so, an alternate around that, berlin cross keys road. at 5:31, nbc 10 is still on the scene of this breaking news in camden county, where a family was rushed to the hospital because of carbon monoxide. nbc 10's jesse gary was first on the scene this morning. he's still there live with us in sicklerville with an update on the situation. jesse, what happened? >> reporter: well, chris, right now they're still trying to vent the house. they just opened that right garage door. you can see the back of a minivan sticking out. trying to get a lot of that korb mox out of the house. the co detector that's inside the house is still chirping or pinging, even though fire department officials have stopped venting, stopped putting the fans inside the house to blow that carbon monoxide out of the house. so, we've learned that the father of this family is a pastor at a local church and that his congregation was out here talking to officials. they've all gone to the
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this happened about 4:00 this morning. brought ems here and fire department and police and that a little girl, when she opened the door, she collapsed. the mother was semi-conscious. the father semi-conscious, but the little girl passed out. the level of carbon monoxide was three times the normal amount, very dangerous. the battalion chief says these people are lucky to be alive. >> they would be lucky, yes, that they were able to call 911 and we were able to respond and get into the dwelling and actually remove them for medical attention. >> reporter: and we're trying to get an update on their condition as the broadcast progresses, but you see that officer. that police officer just came out of the house. they're not wearing their breathing apparatus, so efforts to vent the property seem to be working right now. we'll have an update again for you in about 30 minutes. live in sicklerville, camden county, jesse gary, nbc 10 news.
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also new overnight, guests staying at a burlington county motel had a scare when they heard gunshots. police were called to the knights inn on route 73 in mt. laurel township. police say people inside one of the rooms were playing with a gun and it went off. no one was hurt. in delaware county, investigators say a house fire in chester does not appear suspicious. flames hit the home at 7th and caldwell streets around 11:30 last night. no one was hurt. no official cause of the fire yet. it is 5:34. happening today, the superintendent of camden schools is assessing ways to improve the performance of students, as standardized test results show those students are not making the grade when it comes to english and math. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in camden. matt, you spoke exclusively to the superintendent. what are the plans to make things better? >> reporter: yeah, well, the superintendent tells me that success is not going to come easily and it's not going to happen overnight, but it starts with having a frank conversation with parents, and here is why. last year, late last year, students in camden took
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standardized tests, and the results were not very good. and when it comes to english, only one in five students here is considered proficient, and there are similar numbers for math. that is well below the state average, and it hasn't changed much. the results were about the same from the year before. >> if the numbers aren't as good right now, how are you going to expect that to turn around with their performance going forward? >> for us, we need to raise the bar for our students and to not intellectually underestimate them. and so, in the classroom, we need to ensure that we're challenging our students and that we're setting the bar as high as possible, because we need to better prepare more students to graduate into a two or four-year college or to be prepared for a meaningful career once they graduate. and right now, don't have enough students who are prepared for that. >> reporter: now, earlier this year, the superintendent laid out an initial plan of what needs improvement, including safer schools, better facilities and instruction and having effective leadership that communicates with families. and so, later this morning here
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at the catto elementary school, he's going to kick off a two-week school-by-school tour to begin that conversation with families. and coming up at 6:30, we're going to talk about the numbers here. and i'm looking at what camden is doing right now and how much money has been spent. parents are also voicing their opinions. for now, though, we're live in camden. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> you can count on nbc 10 to bring you all the news from across our region. here are three stories we're following for you today. first of all, we'll find out if a philadelphia police officer will be released from the hospital today after this fiery accident over the weekend. officer mark kimsey's cruiser collided with a pickup truck at 28th and tasker on saturday. kimsey was trapped in that burning car. a 17-year-old volunteer firefighter rescued him. we will hear from philadelphia veterans and family members as they attend an open house in germantown tonight. the regional va regional office and insurance center wants their feedback about programs, benefits and services. and nbc 10 will be there as
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philadelphia helps the u.s. marine corps celebrate its 239th birthday. a ceremony is taking place this morning at city hall. and a milestone for a nurse at the center of the ebola quarantine debate. we'll tell you what kaci hickox says she's most nervous about as her 21-day incubation period ends. bundle up if you're heading out. we've got cold air, but look what's going on in parts of the country. minneapolis is dealing with snow, and that's part of a system that may affect us later this week. right now, 38 degrees at 5:37.
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cold start to the week. temperatures are well below what we saw yesterday. we were in the 30s, but we'll see lots of sunshine and 60s are on the way today. it's later in the week that the cold returns, and this time with
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a bit of wet weather, we might see the first snowflakes of the season. right now 37 in mt. pocono. trenton is 34, and 35 degrees in wilmington. there's plenty of cold air around the entire area. this is a clear view from center city. we will see a lot of sunshine. there are just a few high clouds off to the north and west. radar showing nothing falling from those clouds. so, it's going to be a quick turnaround to the temperatures. by 10:00 this morning, we'll be close to 50 degrees in philadelphia and into the 50s in parts of delaware and south jersey. and then this afternoon with sunshine, 60 degrees. some spots might go even a little bit warmer than that. and it doesn't happen today, it will happen for tomorrow, veterans day. i've got the full seven-day forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. at 20 minutes until 6:00, we'll see how your future morning drive is going to shape up before you hit the road this morning. >> katy zachry has been monitoring the roads. katy? >> it is looking great, and i almost don't want to say this, i can't believe it, we've had no accidents all morning.
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i don't want to jinx us, but things are looking great. this is a live look at 76 near the conshohocken curve. look at your drive time, 76 between the blue route and the vine in both directions, looking at about 14 minutes. so, that's great news. i love when i can give you that good news. on the ben franklin bridge, if you're headed eastbound, this is a shot from our center city camera looking eastbound into camden. you can see there is some track work going on in the right-hand lane, so, if you're headed eastbound, just move over to the left, but it's not tying anything up there. and a live look right now for our new jersey drivers at route 73 right at the tacony-palmyra bridge. looks good, 73 looks good. delaware roads in a bit. a rare glimpse from inside the fire line. >> yeah, i don't want to go in there right now. >> that's the real deal. >> this morning, new video of the fire that killed 19 hot shot firefighters in arizona. plus, detergent danger. we have new information about the number of children poisoned by pods. deciding which bread to buy can be tough.
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deciding between buying bread and health care is much tougher. healthy pa is now here to help, with name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, visit to learn more. this morning we have new video of a fire in arizona that killed 19 firefighters last y r year. the yarnell hill wildfire last june. forestry officials are conducting an investigation and
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just released this video as part of that. it shows the moments before and after those firefighters were killed. we have up to the minute news from across the country and the world, thanks to our network of reporters and photographers. nbc 10's vai sikahema is in our digital operations center this morning with those stories coming in now. vai? >> yeah, chris, today marks the final day of monitoring for kaci hickox. remember, she's the nurse who had a 21-day quarantine imposed upon her by her home state of maine after returning from volunteering in west africa. hickox plans to go out to dinner tonight with her boyfriend, but she says she is worried about what type of reception that she'll get. last month, hickox flew into newark liberty international airport after treating ebola patients in west africa. she fought isolation orders in new jersey and also in maine, and not everyone has been supportive. meanwhile, president obama's at the asia-pacific economic cooperation summit in china, also known as apec. air force one landed in beijing
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this morning. during his trip, the president will meet with china's president, and this is the first stop on his nine-day, three-country tour. next, he'll also head to myanmar and australia. and today, first lady michelle obama will talk to women veterans at arlington national cemetery in virginia. this is video from a joining forces event back in the spring. today's career development forum is part of that initiative. and of course, the first lady lending her hand to female veterans who suffer chronic unemployment when they return from service. those are the stories from around the country. live in the digital operations center, i'm vai sikahema. nbc 10. the second open enrollment begins this weekend for the health insurance marketplace after an overhaul and an upgrade to the website. enrolling is expected to be easier than last year. unfortunely, some could experience trouble renewing their policies under the affordable care act because that part of the system has yet to be tested. open enrollment begins november
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15th. a small town in massachusetts could make history in its fight against tobacco. on wednesday, the board of health in westminster will debate a ban on the sale of all tobacco products. now, officials believe this would be a first for the entire country. supporters proposed this new regulation because they were upset over tobacco companies, they say, marketing their products to young people. opponents, though, say that people will just get their tobacco somewhere else in a neighboring town, possibly, and local businesses will suffer. this morning we have new information on those laundry detergent pods that are sometimes mistaken for toys or candy by children. a new study shows accidental poisonings from those pods have landed more than 700 american kids in the hospital in the past two years. they have also led to more than 17,000 calls to poison control centers. now, while most kids weren't seriously hurt, one child did die last year. some manufacturers say they will change packaging and labels to make the pods safer for kids. 5:47 now. and in florida, some people are
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calling this nothing short of a miracle. a woman survived without a pulse for 45 minutes after complications from a routine c-section, 45 minutes, no pulse. a spokesperson for boca raton regional health system says a team of workers spent three hours trying to revive the woman after she had a rare emniotic fluid aneurism. the woman survived, suffered no brain damage, and now is home with her baby. the special olympics fall festival wrapped up yesterday. before the event wrapped up, how about this? a victory dance performed. there you go. this has become a special olympics tradition. and this event is the largest student-run special olympics event in the world. congratulations to villanova. >> yeah, they do such a good job. take a look at this video. a fireball lit up the texas sky over the weekend. this is dash cam video from san
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antonio. nasa estimates that fireball was at least 4 feet wide, weighed 4,000 pounds. now they'll try to determine if it came from the north torrid meteor shower, which is known for producing bright fireballs. a deep freeze is moving across the country, and it's headed our way. >> yeah. so, temperatures in parts of the u.s. could drop 40 degrees below average. get out the big blankets. it's all part of a storm that battered parts of alaska. places like wisconsin and michigan could see a foot or more of snow this week. arctic air is already reaching the northern plain states. now, this cold blast comes courtesy of the remnants of a typhoon in the pacific that is forcing down the jet stream. >> bottom line, it's going to get cold. when, bill? >> well, it's already cold this morning. >> yeah, it is. >> we'll get warm, and then later in the week, the cold air that's producing that snow in minneapolis will finally move into the area. you'll really start to feel it at the end of the workweek, and that's when we could see some wet weather as well. speaking of dash cam video, this
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is a live view of driving around. seems like they're moving at a pretty good clip there in minneapolis. dealing with snow in november. not a surprise. late this week, we could see some scattered snow showers, but maybe a mix. it's just a chance. right now what we're looking at is a cold morning. clear skies, and it is in the 30s for most of the area. 39 degrees at philadelphia international, and it is calm. and look at this live view from here at the nbc 10 studios. look how nice and clear it is. we will see a lot of sunshine today. so, even though we're getting a cold start this morning, it's going to be a quick warm-up during the afternoon. 31 in pottstown. trenton is 34 degrees. middle 30s for camden and below freezing for haddonfield, while voorhees is 32 degrees. it's 33 in glendora. so, a cold start. bundle up. a few high clouds north and west, but those are not producing any showers. no, it's the thicker clouds farther north and west, and there you can see the snow that's not just falling in minneapolis but into wisconsin,
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the dakotas, montana. the cold is there. it's going to take days to get to us. so, sunny and nice one today, a really nice, quick warm-up. high temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. southerly winds won't be terribly strong, just enough to boost our temperatures today. and again, tomorrow for veterans day, a high of 66 degrees. it will still be in the 60s on wednesday. there's a chance of a morning rain shower, but most of the area will stay dry it looks like. thursday the clouds return. 50 thursday afternoon. and here comes the colder weather for friday and a chance of some showers to start with on friday. but it won't last all day. we'll see sunshine later in the day and lots of sunshine for the walks to beat als at citizens bank park saturday morning. a cold start, yes, but up to 44 in the afternoon. a little bit warmer on sunday, a high of 50. >> so, your weather for your monday morning looks fine. let's check the roads. >> see if there are any obstacles out there that could slow you down on your monday morning. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter katy zachry has that. katy? >> around this time, most
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overnight construction has lifted and i can tell you confidently there are no accidents reported into any of our systems. so, i keep going through our systems, checking it out, because it's hard to believe, right? it's almost 6:00 a.m. on a monday. live look at the vine street expressway right at broad street. a street-level view. you can see some of the volume is picking up, but it's not accounting for any delays. speaking of issues on our majors, no issues on our majors. 476, 95 and 76. the entire expanse looking good, and your drive times in some of the trouble spots are looking good as well. the only hang-up we have right now, 95 southbound right near center city. traffic is slowing to around 48 miles an hour. so, speeds are alternating in the 40s. and taking a look at your average speeds on some of the majors in new jersey, 295, 42 and the turnpike. things are looking great, in the 50s and the 60s there. >> 5:52. the eagles have their second monday night football date of the season tonight, and septa's adding some extra service to help fans get to and from the game. a live look here at the linc in
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south philly, where the birds are taking on the carolina panthers tonight. kickoff set for 8:30. and beginning at 6:45, the broad street line sports express train will be running every ten minutes, making all express stops from fern rock to at&t station near the linc. extra service will also be available on the market-frankford line beginning at 6:30. then, after the game, passengers will find trains waiting for them at at&t station for the return trip home, hopefully a joyous trip home after an eagles victory. pennsylvania gaming officials could vote later this month on whether to allow a second casino to be built in philadelphia. it's something that some neighbors don't want to see happen. we'll tell you how they're fighting those plans. and an annual event to feed the hungry for the holidays. we'll tell you how you can help when we take you county by county, next.
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5:56 right now. one community is stepping up its fight against a proposed casino in south philadelphia. developers want to build in the stadium district near 10th street and packer avenue. well, neighbors say they don't need another mega complex in their community. they're handing out fliers around town to explain their opposition. they also plan to hold a
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strategy session later this week to discuss how they will fight this proposal. >> in this area, we don't need that kind of riffraff. we don't need the traffic. we don't need people coming from all over. i mean, sugar house is enough. >> right now, sugar house is the city's only casino, but the pennsylvania gaming board has scheduled a vote next week on whether to grant a second license. it is considering four proposals. at 5:57, it's time to go county by county now to highlight the stories that we're following around the region, happening in your neighborhood. we're starting in atlantic county, where new jersey governor chris christie will help dedicate a new soccer field in ac later today. that field, which is part of the texas avenue playground along fair mount avenue, is the result of recovery efforts from superstorm sandy. it's being backed by officials from the united arab emirates embassy in washington, d.c. the dedication takes place in gary grant jr. and joe mccabe memorial park today. and today, leaders will announce their vision for the
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economic future of new castle county. county executive thomas gordon and wilmington mayor dennis williams will unveil their plans this afternoon. those plans contain nine initiatives that those leaders say will spur new business and create good-paying, middle-class jobs. d.a.r.t.'s 17th annual stuff the bus thanksgiving food drive begins today in kent county, delaware. that food will be distributed by the food bank of delaware to families in need. drop-off locations are set up today at walmart in milford and the acme in dover. you can go to for a look at this week's other drop-off locations and what type of food donations that they are requesting. and a taste of home will be sent to the troops overseas, thanks to an event happening right now in delaware county. a massive care package assembly is under way at wawa university now. wawa associates and volunteers are assembly 5,000 packages for troops, filling them with their most requested items. coffee being number one, of course. this is the 12th year for the wawa, uso and army national
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guard's operation "taste of home." and tracy and vai, i have to wonder if wawa can ship them a few shorties as well, overseas. >> they will appreciate that. that's home, for sure. >> the turkey bowl for me is the best. >> i knew he was going to say that. he loves the gobbler. >> thank you, chris. you're watching nbc 10 news. n"nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 starts right now. an entire family is rushed to the hospital. we are following this breaking news out of camden county. nbc 10's jesse gary is live on the scene for us, gathering information on the carbon monoxide poisoning. and winter is creeping closer and closer. we're off to a cold start this morning. albeit beautiful. look at that. some people are waking up to below-freezing temperatures. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it is about 38 degrees right now at nearly 6:00. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. cold start, but it will warm up? >> indeed, but right now it is cold. 38 degrees, that's one of the
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warm spots here at the nbc 10 studios. much of the area have dropped below freezing this morning, and the temperatures are still falling right now. you can see some high clouds on the left side of your screen. those are clouds a little bit thicker off to the north and west, but no sign of any showers, just cold. 31 degrees in atlantic city, 31 for pottstown, allentown, mt. holly, millville now down to 31 degrees. and while it's 33 at wilmington, it's 35 in northeast philadelphia at the airport. you'll see sunshine to start with, but it's going to be a cold start at the bus stop this morning. suburbs right around freezing, while parts of the city will be in the upper 30s. and then a nice warm-up during the day today. we will see sunshine, warm temperatures, into the 60s this afternoon. 46 degrees at 9:00. by lunchtime, 55. and 60 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. your hour-by-hour, neighborhood by neighborhood forecast in less than ten minutes. right now,


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